"I like the short peaceful moment when I look through the viewfinder. It's only me and the camera with the subject up front". W.H.


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The View From My Cell :DSunset, Silhouette, Colors Of Autumn, The Calmness Within at فندق رمادا الهدا | Ramada AlHada by Boestbelle on EyeEm
Dying~ Birds, Animals, Nature, VSCO by Boestbelle on EyeEm
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Washing~ Monochrome, Four Legs And A Tail, Bw_collection, Cat Watching by Boestbelle on EyeEm
Where have you been…? 

Hugging A Tree, TreePorn, Melancholic Landscapes, Monochrome at Ash Shafa Mt. View Park by Boestbelle on EyeEm
EyeEm Nature Lover, TreePorn, Nature_collection, VSCO at Ash Shafā by Boestbelle on EyeEm

Soaking Up The Sun, EyeEm Nature Lover, Sun_collection, Mountains at Ash Shafa Mt. View Park by Boestbelle on EyeEm

@SB Ta'if

  • This morning at Obaikan Mall,
  • Barista: Good morning! :D
  • Me: Good morning *__* ummmm, I'd like a pumpkin spiced frappuccino please----- venti.
  • Barista: Bumpbing??
  • Me: ummm no, Pumpkin O__o
  • Barista: no it's Bumpbing, Bumpbing with the B-Bee frappuccino :D
  • Me: okkkkeyyy bumpbing venti size!! hehe
  • ....And I never say the word pumpkin again from that day.
  • Bumpbing-Pumpkin = Fuck-Tong(in Thai) ฟักทอง
  • *I didn't tell him the word pumpkin in my language tho ^_^
Karen~ My Cat, Belong Anywhere, Bnw_pets, Four Legs And A Tail by Boestbelle on EyeEm

Chasing the light~
Al Hada, Saudi Arabia 2014
By W. Hernandez